Awareness Gives Choice: Celebrating Gender

Recent work on the power of female friendship has recognized the differences in how men and women view the world. While we each have a male and female aspect within ourselves, there remain biological differences that are hard wired. The masculine view is often recognized as more single focused, logical, and task-oriented, while the feminine view is more diffuse, feeling, creative, and relationship oriented.

Alison Armstrong, in book, Making Sense of Men, uses an approach of appreciating differences between men and women to better facilitate effective partnering. She says that, unaware, each gender tends to assume the opposite sex functions like themselves. A Woman, viewing a man from the feminine perspective may see a man as “one big hairy woman,” and wonder why he does not “get” relationships. A man, on the other hand, from the masculine view, may see a woman, as an “emotionally indulgent male,” and wonder, “What is the point” of her conversation. Has this ever been true for you?

By becoming aware and appreciating the differences between men and women, we can empower ourselves to move beyond our unconscious projections, see the differences, and use them as strengths for effective collaboration. This point of view requires us to understand the differences between men and women that are instinctual, that is hard wired, from the qualities that are more characteristic of human spirit. When we move to human spirit, we can honor our higher strengths and sense of purpose to work together for the common good.

How we view gender differences is a choice. We can ignore them and wonder why the other gender just doesn’t get it, or we can embrace our differences. Everyday we create a new day, see if you can discover how the differences in gender can serve a higher common goal. Now isn’t that more harmonious?

Dr. Alice

Armstrong, Alison. Making Sense of Men. CA: Pax Programs, 2008.