America's sacred Contract: Crisis or Opportunity

A most wonderful and passionate story teller, Caroline Myss has prepared a CD "The Sacred Contract of America." It will invite you to actively participate in resurrecting America to its highest potential.  America, according to Caroline Myss, currently "is on a respirator." She recognizes that many Americans feel disappointed on what their country has become.

Then she gives the history of America in a way that is inspiring, moving, and helps you to reconnect with the vision of our founding fathers. By reconnecting with the original vision, you can rediscover what it means to be an American.

She does this through her concept of "A Sacred Contract." A sacred contract is an agreement made for the planet's highest good. Each individual, family, and nation, has a sacred contract. It is a combination of patterns of power, which she calls archetypes, which give the pattern to our divine purpose.  Originally unconscious, we can become aware of them, -  where they are beneficial and where they are not. Then we have a choice, and can consciously choose to use them for good.

Each individual's sacred contract is woven into that of the nation and needs to be maintained as a conscious citizen.  Caroline Myss describes the twelve major archetypes of America, and how they have influenced our lives.  She believes that America is one of the most pivotal nations in the world for seeding global self esteem.  Then she gives the history of the impact of the archetypes in promoting self esteem, where they have succeeded and failed.

Caroline Myss challenges us to reconnect with America's original vision and to remember the wisdom that has gone before us.  She asks hard questions, presents disturbing information, but at the same,  offers few practical answers on what people can do. It needs to be positive action. This is where we can better coordinate our resources.   More to come.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Alice