Achieve Success Naturally - Know Two Phases of Information Processing

We all have dreams of success.  It may be a desire to develop a successful business, have a successful relationship, or to better manage stress.  Many self-improvement programs paint a picture of success that consists of a course or workshop along large information package. Once the package is purchased and a course is given, however, the program stops.   For example, I have purchased self -mprovement books, CD's and programs, and only to end up confused by the large amount of information given.  As a consequence, it ends up as “Shelf Help” more than real help.

Change is more successful when it is viewed from a broader perspective.  In the process of accomplishing any goal, there is a major shift in how we process information.  Initially, in new situations information-getting is exploratory.  It is influenced by salient aspects of the environment.  It tends to be open-ended, and decisions are more impulsive. With time, however, the attraction to this information declines as it becomes familiar. As exploration declines, reflective task and goal directed behaviors begin to appear.  Finally, when the steps for accomplishing a goal become clear, successful action can be taken.

This is a natural process. Rather than trusting and working with this natural process, however, it frequently is misunderstood. During the initial period of exploration, it is often assumed that the more information given, the better. Often this is confusing. Far better, is to only give the information needed to accomplish an initial exploratory goal.  Otherwise it is easy to become overwhelmed and assume that there is no progress.  Then, many give up because they believe change is too difficult.  What people fail to realize, is that this exploration is critical and lays the foundation for the goal-directed activity.

Exploration and goal-directed activity are sequential aspects of a natural process of information getting.  When we recognize them as part of a natural process, our experience is more successful.    It helps you to trust your natural flow, develop confidence, and overcome your resistance to new ways of thinking.  It also helps to identify the strengths you will need and gives you time to contemplate on how you wish to direct your efforts.

When looking for a program to help you achieve success, be sure that it recognizes the importance of consistent activity that supports the natural phases of change:  exploration and goal directed activity.  It will save you time, energy, and money.  Then you can successfully accomplish your goals.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Alice